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Upcoming shows:

June 7 Sirén, Vieille Montagne, med Los Bocadillos
UK Tour
  June 19 Underworld, London (UK) w. The Slits
  June 20 Market Tavern, Bradford (UK) w. Panic
  June 21 Charlotte, Leicester (UK) w. The Peacocks
  June 22 Fish & Fiddle, Cheltenham (UK) w. Panic
  June 23 TBA
  June 25 Strawberry Fields, Glasgow (UK) w. Panic
  June 26 Broken Wheel, Retford (UK) w. Panic
  June 27 TBA
  June 28 TBA
  June 30 Academy 2, Birmingham (UK) w. Jesse James

Shows in the past


Nov. First gig ever. In Misdemeanor‘s rehearsal room. Attending were members of Misdemeanor, Henry Fiat‘s Open Sore and Skelett
Dec. 11 Alcazar, Stockholm w. Hypnomen, Dee Rangers and Flaming Sideburns

Mar. 08 Bald Eagle, Stockholm (S) w. Maggots
Apr. Lava, Stockholm (S) w. Stabb, Plaster, Joon
May 29 Garagefest Alcazar, Stockholm (S) w. Maggots, Dee Rangers, Spyders, Strollers, Guilloteens, Chronics, Glendoras
June 24 Gearfest 2000 Tanto, Stockholm (S) w. Hellacopters, Hives, Nomads, Immortal Lee County Killers, Flaming Sideburns, Hypnomen, “Demons”, Puffball
Aug. 16 BIljardpalatset, Sthlm w. Dixie Buzzards
Aug. 23 Hot Rock Ranch, Tanto Stockholm (S) Last gig with Estrella Voladora

Apr. 14 Clampers, Stockholm (S) (Official Nomads 20th anniversary afterparty) First gig ever with Sue-Ella Voladora
Apr. 28 Taj Mahal, Västerås (S) w. Maggots
Devildoll Tour w. Ultra Bimboos, Launderettes
  May 16 John Dee, Oslo (N)
  May 17 Mejeriet, Lund (S)
  May 18 Razzelrock Stengarde, Kopenhagen (DK)
  May 19 Eldorado Alcazar, Stockholm (S)
Aug. 06 Panic Party, Tanto Stockholm (S) w Maggots, Matching Numbers, Malte X, Demons, Diamond Dogs, Pembeltons
Aug. 17 Skeppsholmen Festival, Stockholm (S)
Aug. 25 Barbarella Festival, Uppsala (S) w. Ultra Bimboos, Nomads, Maggots, Sewergrooves, Flaming Sideburns, Chronics, Royal Beat Conspiracy
Tour with Bronco Buster & Bitch Alert
  Oct. 8 Mono, Oslo (N)
  Oct. 9 Blue Garden, Trondheim (N)
  Oct. 10 Garage, Bergen (N)
  Oct. 11 Checkpoint Charlie, Stavanger (N)
  Oct. 13 Studentehuset, Aalborg (DK)
Nov. 16 Hot Rock Ranch Tanto, Stockholm (S) w. Go Getters
Nov. 17 Devildolls Festival John Dee, Oslo (N) w Bonaaras, 5,6,7,8’s
Dec. 31 Studentehuset, Kopenhagen (DK) w Maggots, Baby Woodrose

June 06 On The Rocks Helsinki (SF) w Ultra Bimboos  
Aug. 9 Groovy Times, Läckerbiten Stockholm (S)
Sep. 14 The Shrine, Kolingsborg Stockholm (S) w. Witchcraft, Dungen, Bigelf, Lowrider, Nocounts CANSELLED
Sep. 25 Rabbitfighter, Mosebacke Stockholm (S) w. Misdemeanor (Recorded by Swedish National Radio.)

Mar. 19 Kårhuset KTH, Stockholm (S) w. Cryptonics and Superkricket
Apr. 5 Clampers, Stockholm (S)
UK Tour

  Apr. 16 Junktion 7, Nottingham (UK)
  Apr. 17 Barfly, Liverpool (UK)
  Apr. 18 Newcastle Arms, Retford (UK)
  Apr. 19 Underworld, London (UK) w. Face & Panic & Phluid & Death Valley Surfers
  Apr. 20 Barfly, Cardiff (UK)
  Apr. 21 Fish & Fiddle, Cheltenham (UK) w. Face & Panic & Peckerwood & Malcontents
  Apr. 23 Barfly, Glasgow (UK)
  Apr. 24 Cotton Club, Dundee (UK)
  Apr. 25 Dr Drakes , Aberdeen (UK)
May 23 Semifinal, Helsinki
May 25 Debaser, Stockholm (S) w. Gore Gore Girls